Open Developer Positions

November 30, 2021

The Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) is building a new tech team! We are hiring three positions: a database manager, a web developer (full stack), and a systems engineer.

This team will be based at the Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI), and will work on a wide variety of projects, including the tools from our Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe). These projects include Hoaxy, which visualizes the spread of claims on social media and fact checking, and Network Graph, which explores how information spreads across Twitter with an interactive network graph using the OSoMe decahose archive. The team will also work on CADRE, the Collaborative Archive & Data Research Environment, a science gateway to standardized text- and data-mining services for large datasets that builds in reproducibility and collaboration—all in a cloud-based platform.

Some of the technologies we use include, for Hoaxy and Network Graph: Distributed Systems, Apache Spark, Apache Parquet, and HDFS. For CADRE, these include: AWS (e.g. SQS, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Cognito), Graph databases, Kubernetes, and Docker.

Join our new team! You’ll enjoy fantastic benefits in our brand-new space, use cutting-edge technologies with a dedicated group of people—all while making an impact on society.

Image by Delesign Graphics under CC BY 4.0 license

Developer Team.png