BotSlayer tool to expose disinformation networks

September 18, 2020

We are excited to announce the new v.1.3 of BotSlayer, our OSoMe cloud tool that lets journalists, researchers, citizens, & civil society organizations track narratives and detect potentially coordinated inauthentic information networks on Twitter in real-time. Improvements and new features include better stability, a new alert system, a Mac installer, and many additions to the interface. This version is released in time for those who would like to use BotSlayer to monitor #Election2020 manipulation.

Special thanks to the OSoMe students Pik-Mai Hui, Chris Torres, and Kevin Yang; IUNI developer Ben Serrette; and generous support from Knight Foundation, Craig Newmark, Democracy Fund, Luddy School, Media School, Network Science Institute, and Indiana University Research.

First announced in September 2019, the BotSlayer software to expose disinformation networks is designed and developed by OSoMe faculty and students in collaboration with IUNI staff. BotSlayer is an application that helps track and detect potential manipulation of information spreading on Twitter. It can be used by journalists, researchers, civil society organizations, corporations, and political candidates to discover in real-time new coordinated disinformation campaigns. The system is easily installed and configured in the cloud to monitor bot activity around a standing user-defined query. It has already been used to spot a Russian bot network, ISIS propaganda, and high-volume hyper-partisan accounts. Read about how you can join the effort to spot the manipulation of social media.