CrowdTangle Data Access Policy

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All agents of Indiana University who wish to access the CrowdTangle dashboard and API

Policy Statement

As part of Indiana University’s collaboration with the Knight Foundation, the Observatory on Social Media has been granted access to the CrowdTangle dashboard and associated tools for monitoring Facebook and Instagram.

The CrowdTangle dashboard is available to employees of Indiana University via the CrowdTangle web interface. Users of the CrowdTangle data must handle the data in a manner consistent with CrowdTangle’s ‘Terms of Service’.

Reason for Policy

The CrowdTangle dashboard service has been provided to Indiana University by CrowdTangle Inc. and is being used to support numerous research projects across the IU system. Consequently, it is imperative that all users of the data comply with the necessary policies required by CrowdTangle Inc. to insure continued access to the data for IU researchers.

Additionally, the data accessible via the CrowdTangle dashboard contains personally identifiable information which could potentially be used to target individuals or groups of Facebook or Instagram users. Although all the data accessible from the application is publicly available, the aggregation of the data is not. As a result, users should be aware of how this type of aggregated social media data could be used to negatively impact the users of these social media services. Dashboard users have a responsibility to protect social media users as well as Indiana University from abuses of the service.